Borne Dance Company is currently looking for Advisory Board Members for 2018-2020.  Being a  Board Member of Borne Dance Company provides you with the opportunity to make a difference in the way mental illness is viewed through art and movement. We are looking for Board Members or volunteers to join our company as we pursue our official non profit status this upcoming year. We are looking for Board Members who are able to commit to two bi annual Board meetings a year and who are able to help us navigate through the finances, planning, and execution of a non profit business. We hope to find members who work well with others, members who are thoughtful through business issues, who have a passion for mental health, and believe in Borne’s mission of inspiring “recovery through art.” In joining our team you will be able to make a difference in the way mental health is viewed and you will be supporting the arts as a means of healing.


Operating since 2015, Borne Dance Company has provided mental health awareness through a variety of shows, events, and workshops. Borne not only wishes to provide awareness to those who do not understand mental illnesses or eating disorders, but also wishes to provide resources to those who may be suffering. Borne strives to end the stigma surrounding these disorders and wishes to inspire others to be themselves and to continue healing despite what mental health concerns they may face. We wish to continue to branch out and reach more people over the following years.


The main role of Borne Board Directors is to provide management advice on the direction the company.  Specific goals for this year include increased fundraising strategies, branching out in the mental health community, and increased online and social media presence.  


Thank you for taking the time to consider being a part of Borne’s founding Board Members. If you wish to discuss more details we kindly ask that you contact Borne’s Artistic Director Katie Kilbourn and BorneDanceCompany@gmail.com. We look forward to your response.



Katie Kilbourn